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Hi, I'm crypto -- [ profile] cryptoxin on LiveJournal.

You may remember me from such LJ posts as:

I, Robot: A Self-Help Guide for When You Discover That You're Actually a Cylon, Terminator, or Life-Model Decoy (or the follow-up post, Humanity's Just Not That Into You -- But That's No Excuse for Genocide!)
Hey, Far Be It for Me to Say Your Kink Is Not Okay, But -- Seriously, Dude, You're Starting to Freak Me Out

You'll Never Write Meta In This Town Again (concerning the fallout after the above post on kinks was linked by metafandom and fandom_wank)

(She Had to Leave) Los Angeles! -- my RPF WIP, where the ghost of Simone de Beauvoir sends Heidi Montag on a quest to form an all-celebrity feminist girl group to counter The Pussycat Dolls.

At any rate, I'll probably start cross-posting here and on LJ next month -- until then, I'll keep posting on LJ while I look around here.