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Wang Du: Photographs (an installation of 50,000 photographs taken in China in 2007) from a 2007 exhibit at Paris' Galerie Laurent Godin (via VVORK)

Anthony Almeida's Victory Kiss at Times Square (November 4, 2008) - Barack and Michelle Obama (via James Danziger's The Year in Pictures).

Jacques Rival: A giant inflatable mouse floats on the Rhône river, during an artistic happening by French architect Jacques Rival to inform people of the risks of floods -- photo, with more at Getty (Guardian, via we make money not art)

Three shows currently up in New York

Kalup Linzy: If It Don't Fit at the Studio Museum in Harlem -- "From his original take on the soap opera and sketch comedy genres to his music videos and filmic shorts, this compilation tracks the artist’s clever and complex approach to questions or race, gender, class, sexuality and national identity." Kalup Linzy's website and YouTube channel: watch All My Churen (2003). (via Lost at E Minor)

Surveillance from the Doll House at Mireille Mosler on East 67th: "Whether dressed to play a part or a plaything to address, the dummies, dolls, puppets, and personalities of Surveillance from the Doll House represent a mysterious combination of vitality and immobility." Work by four female artists who aren't Joss Whedon including Cindy Sherman and Laurie Simmons. (via we make money not art)

Generational: Younger Than Jesus [145 artists under the age of 33 from around the world], now up at The New Museum in NYC -- exhibit blog (seriously, I have no excuse to miss a show at a museum I can see from my apartment, right?). Artists with work in the show include:

LaToya Ruby Frazier, Cyprien Galliard, Cao Fei, Ryan Trecartin )

Finally, three embedded videos below the cut, also linked for your convenience: music video auteur Chris Cunningham's new Gucci perfume ad (via PSFK), the viddish I´m thru with love - Diana Krall and Hollywood divas (via Danziger) and YouTube vlogger kevjumba's Asians Just Aren't Cool Enough? on the Dragonball movie casting:videos behind the cut )