• Mar. 11th, 2010 at 9:50 AM
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I fell in love on the subway this morning, and she doesn't even know I'm alive. It was the conductor, who, as she announced my station stop, told the passengers to "have a happy women's history month -- celebrate yourselves and each other." That may be the most awesome morning subway ride I'll take all year.

Less than awesome: a slick subway ad, inset with a close-up of a man photographed in black and white with downcast eyes, under the text (I'm paraphrasing) "Maybe there was something I could have done to help her" accompanied by the tagline "Abortion changes you" with accompanying URL. More background in a 2008 National Review article here; I liked the part about how "Men tend to send in song lyrics to express their stories."

Also seen on the subway: Ads for the scaled-down 2010 Whitney Biennial (reviews here, here, here). Something about the design of the ads (black text, white background with blocks of bright neon-ish yellow and especially the slashed zeroes in 2010 ) feels very dated, but I'll still check out the show, along with the controversial New Museum show curated by Jeff Koons drawing from a billionaire's collection.

Also less than awesome: having to dial in for three hours' worth of an all-day face-to-face-except-for-me meeting in dreary Crystal City. If I'd gone down, I could have checked out the mega-exhibit of New Brow so-called underground art G-40: The Summit afterwards, but frankly I'm kind of sick of that whole aesthetic and the self-congratulatory hype surrounding it.

Still pretty awesome: this week's LOST, wrestler Rob Van Dam back on TV (though sadly on TNA instead of WWE), rewatching episodes of The Thick of It (which unfortunately makes it hard to take Alan Cumming's character on The Good Wife seriously, as he's no Malcolm Tucker).

Not yet or not quite awesome: the first few episodes of Sons of Anarchy (but I hear it gets better), MTV's faux-reality show My Life as Liz (but still worth checking out).

Not really awesome: Vampire Diaries (why did I let myself believe that it might be a modern day Dark Shadows: The Next Generation?)


Fannish notes

  • Sep. 2nd, 2009 at 10:21 PM
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I feel as though my fannish interests are drifting further and further away from the LJ/DW zeitgeist, which makes me hesitant to post about the stuff I'm enjoying. So, as an experiment, I'm going to try to post in code to make my enthusiasms sound more relevant to everyone else's interests.

I've been catching up on The Secret Six Leverage and I'm really enjoying the "band of misfit outlaws" team vibe and Gail Simone's John Rogers' writing. And the characters are great -- I had my doubts about Bane Eliot at first, but I think I like his dynamic with Scandal Savage Sophie.

Another recent find is The Mighty Avengers Merlin. I'll admit, I found the art anachronisms jarring at first, but it's very well done visually. And the writing somehow hits that magical "so wrong, it's right" sweet spot. The characterization of Hank Pym Uther is especially inspired, and I'm intrigued by where they're going with Loki Nimueh.

A pretty strong episode of SYTYCD Canada Supernatural this week; I haven't seen tonight's results show yet, but I'm assuming that Melanie B. Castiel gets eliminated. Still, America's Best Dance Crew House had possibly its best episode this season with the Bollywood challenge.

...okay, I'm stumped for what to substitute for professional wrestling. I guess I haven't used the Star Trek reboot yet: if Randy Orton = James Kirk, who's the WWE's Spock?

Wow, this code thing pretty much went all down hill after Secret Six/Leverage, huh? ETA: or possibly during.