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If my LJ friendslist/DW reading page is at all representative, the Dreamwidth invite code bubble peaked hours ago. But I do have five invite codes to unload, straight from the warehouse and still in mint condition.

Sadly, the invite code market has already been commoditized by everybody giving theirs away for free, no strings attached. In a bid to artificially pump up the value of my invite codes -- limited edition! luxury item! status symbol! -- I am going to buck the trend and make you earn them.

So here's the deal:

1. Watch Boom Boom Satellites' music video for "Girl" (via [personal profile] lo_rez aka [ profile] rez_lo) -- YouTube link or embedded below.

2. Write something about the video in the comments. Feel free to be creative! For example, you could:
  • tell me what you think the backstory is behind the characters & events in the video, or what happens next
  • give me a brief header/summary for a hypothetical fic based on the video, as if it were a Yuletide fandom (like last year's stories for Rihanna's "Disturbia" video) -- here's a (dated) sample of what I mean by header/summary for a hypothetical fic
  • treat the music video as a vid that someone made for an imaginary TV show, and share your squee about the show and why I should be watching it
  • reminisce about your own days as a pole vaulter or women's track & field coach
3. Profit

And when I say "Profit!" I mean get rewarded with a personalized Dreamwidth invite code from me, plus the glow of satisfaction that comes from knowing you earned it.

Except I want everyone to play! Especially since the majority of my LJ friendslist is already on Dreamwidth. So submit your own comment about the music video, even if you don't need a code -- and let me know if there's some other way that I can reward you. Besides the "everyone's a winner!" just due to the sheer awesomeness of the vid.

Act now! This offer won't last forever!
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Juan Martín Prada, "Forms of Resistance" for the online exhibit Tag ties and affective spies:

The primary aim of the large corporations that promote “social media” is that there be nothing we can be against. To that end, they constantly foster the proliferation of strategic plays of liberties and personal initiatives based on participatory logic and pleasurable flows of communicative social activity. Consequently, there is an almost inevitable acquiescence to the economic interests the entire system rests on, given that they are based on the most inalienable aspects of life: interpersonal communication, friendship, contact among people, feeling close to others, etc.

However, resistance to the fascination exerted by “social media” involves first and foremost a political analysis of their operating dynamics, limitations and exclusions. For “to resist” is to reflect critically on the processes of inclusion of the individual in the new network economy and his or her adaptation to it, demonstrating the strategies and effects that characterize the process as corporative interests colonize the forms of human interrelations. And the top priority of new forms of resistance must be an attempt to rescue – although in a merely anecdotal or symbolic way – the principles that currently comprise the foundations of online economic production, which are communication, affection, cooperation, friendship, company, etc., from the control of business.

Would this be an argument for, or against, Dreamwidth as a commercial endeavor?

What might a "resistance to the fascination exerted by 'social media'” look like on, or through, or from within Dreamwidth?

In an interview with we make money not art, "Tag ties and affective spies" curator Daphne Dragona links the concepts of "[e]xposure, affection, and a kind of surveillance" with reference to Twitter. Does Dreamwidth's splitting of LJ's 'friend' function into 'subscribe' and 'grant access' unbundle these concepts, or simply multiply and disperse their points of intersection in new ways?


Notifications with attitude

  • Apr. 17th, 2009 at 6:22 PM
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I never paid much attention before to the breathless exclamation points accompanying my email notifications when someone added me as a friend on LJ -- probably because they don't come in bursts or waves.

But as my gmail inbox fills up with the Dreamwidth equivalents over the last 10 hours recreating my LJ social network, there's something comical about all the '!!!' in a row. Is the Dreamwidth autonotifier shocked, or delighted for me, or trying to warn me of imminent danger? Maybe emoticons would help.

If they weren't busy with their push to move into open beta, I'd put in a feature request for an opt-in random editorial commentary generator to accompany each subscribe & access notification:

____ subscribed to your journal! Funny, I never would have thought you two would have much in common.

____ granted you access to their journal! Just FYI, beware of tl;dr and TMI ahead.

____ subscribed to your journal! I'm not saying they're a stalker, but mama always told me that where there are persistent rumors of restraining orders, there's fire....

____ granted you access to their journal! Hey, you've finally made it to the big leagues -- now don't screw it up, 'cause you won't get a second chance with that one.