crypto: Amy Pond (Default)
ETA: Problem solved -- I checked the LJ FAQ and found out it's a paid feature, found the link to manually upgrade to paid, and figured out the link to edit journal privacy based on the LJ equivalent. /ETA

I just imported my LJ, but I want to set all of the imported entries to private -- that is, I want (for now) to use Dreamwidth to back up my LJ, but not duplicate it.

I thought, from LJ, that there was a way to instantly flock all of your entries, rather than going through each of them manually. But I can't find anything on Dreamwidth, except for an option under Account Settings to change the default security level for new entries.

Is this a paid account feature? I didn't temporarily upgrade my Dreamwidth account when I created it, and now I can't figure out how you do that to unlock paid-only features.

Thanks in advance if you have any suggestions or pointers!