crypto: (sarah looks ahead)
I love, love John/Cameron vids -- they're my catnip, or Kryptonite, or something. They don't even have to be particularly good vids --  I'll still get hooked within the first few clips.

And yet! I don't ship them, at all. And, okay, I'm generally a total failure as a shipper*. But if anything, I anti-ship John/Cameron; I very much DO NOT WANT a human boy/robot girl love story from SCC, either in canon or in fic**.

So why, why I ask you, am I so drawn to these shippy vids?

(Also where is my SYTYCD torrent? I'm convinced that "The Scene" hates dancing. Or Mary Murphy.)

* I am at best pro-"I like how these two characters interact with each other, I want to see more, but it doesn't matter if they end up together or linger in UST or decide they'll just be friends or have a messy breakup as long as they keep having interesting scenes together." For example, one of my un-ships lately is Victor & Niki on The Young and the Restless: they've been married & divorced multiple times dating back nearly three decades from what I gather, now divorced and engaged to other people; they share children and grandchildren; and they have a very messy, complicated relationship as exes filled with tenderness, anger, regret, resentment, attraction, and mistrust. Their scenes together are fantastic.

** I am however perfectly okay with "Cameron exploits John's sexuality to manipulate him, or just figure out how it works" as long as it doesn't actually result in anything romantically or sexually.