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In between reading [personal profile] laurashapiro 's VividCon post yesterday evening, and [ profile] bop_radar's related post this morning, I got the sudden craving for professional wrestling vids. I think my mind had drifted towards different vidding cultures and communities, and idly wondering whether any wrestling vids had ever been shown at VVC, and what (if anything?) it would signal if/when one was.

I'd randomly stumbled across some wrestling vids on YouTube before, so that was where I headed, but I was at a bit of a loss as to how to search for them. After a bit of trial and error, I did some searches for "[wrestler name] vid" (starting with Jeff Hardy as a likely vid subject) which yielded some results, but still left me feeling like I was hovering around the edges of wrestling vidding. In hindsight, I should have tried a Google search, since I'm pretty sure that the major community hubs would most likely be on message boards and other sites.

In hindsight, what I really wanted was something structured analagous to the LJ-based live action/media fandom vidding community, which I now know how to navigate. But when I came to LJ, I had a relatively steep learning curve, and I had to invest a significant amount of time in just getting the lay of the land. It wasn't really until I started delurking that I really got my bearings and developed ways to find what I was looking for via recs, communities, etc.

In my experience, YouTube as a portal isn't always an ideal point of entry to other vidding cultures. Sometimes I can track down stuff like contests and playlists that link together vidders, but other times I just spend a lot of time validating Sturgeon's Law and wondering why it's so hard to find the good stuff.

In the meantime, I ended up appeasing my craving by watching this week's ECW and WWE RAW shows, which I haven't done for *gulp* years. If I get hooked on wrestling again, I'll blame the dearth of SYTYCD Canada torrents. And if you have any recs or pointers for wrestling vids or vid sites, send them my way!