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Thank you so much to the person who gave me paid time!

I believe that it's customary to offer fic to my anonymous benefactor, but I don't want to sprain anything or scar anyone. So instead, I would like to make a post just for you, if you give me a prompt -- maybe you'd like to hear my thoughts on yaoi (or yuri!), or write a follow-up or sequel to a previous post.

Alternately, you could take this opportunity to ask me to stop posting about _____, or commit to avoiding all comma splices and HTML errors (curse you, cut tag!) for at least a month, or get some new icons if you're sick of my simian default. It's your call, anonymous patron!

(I've never had a paid account on LJ, so I will try my best to use it responsibly here. Feel free to gently remind of this promise if I let the expanded features go to my head and start flooding your reading list with pointless polls.)