Aug. 17th, 2010 (UTC)

  • 7:52 PM (UTC)
crypto: Amy Pond (Default)
I agree about under-foreshadowed re: Ian, though I'm hoping that it turns out that he's not A. and/or not Allison's killer (e.g., nor the only guy she was seeing when she was murdered). I'm not sure how it would make sense for Allison's killer to be the same person as A. -- at least, I'm not sure what would motivate the same person to a) kill Allison and b) torment her friends a year later while posing as Allison. What would Ian have against Allison's friends?

(I know, logic! And somewhere along the line, I'm sure the answer re: motives will be surprise!psychopath. Still, I'm hoping that the A. mystery persists even after the killer is locked up.)

I'm still stuck on the idea of using Hilary Duff's Stranger for the vid. Though if I wanted to go angstier, I amuse myself by contemplating using Muse's Map of the Problematique (though I figure that obsessive24's excellent and disturbing Rules of Attraction vid is the last word in vidding that particular song).

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