• Jul. 18th, 2010 11:13 pm (UTC)
The most obvious benefit to posting anonymously is that you have the freedom to say what you want whenever you want and for whatever reason (although most anonmemes now tend to have some rules on content [eg no comments on people's religion] that are inforced by mods). No names means no accountability (unless you screw up and post logged-in).

Of course this freedom can be used for "evil" - trolling is common in many forms (trolling other named accounts is usually frowned upon, but trolling the meme itself whether by fucking up the page through coding or just by being an asshole is a normal occurence). But that freedom can also be used for "good" - discussing personal problems or sensitive topics, airing greivances you would otherwise be afraid to bring up. There is a difference between hatememes and other anonmemes, simply in that hatememes are used solely to hate on suggested people or topics.

Lastly, I read a couple of the other replies to this post and wanted to comment on the difference between 4chan and other anonmemes on LJ. The differences lie in tone, in-group slang, and speed. 4chan has been around for a long time now in internet time, and caters to a different demographic than most LJ fandom IMO. The general tone of the site is quite different because of that demographic - the primary users of 4chan are young men, and their slang reflects that. Instead of calling each other "bb" (short for "baby"), they call each other "fag" or variations on it (like "dayfag" for daytime users, "nightfag" for nighttime users, "tripfags" are users identified by a tripcode), not to mention the various names based on the board names (eg /co/ is the comics board and "/co/mrades" are normal /co/ denizens). Also, a large amount of content on 4chan's boards would simply not be acceptable on an LJ-based anonmeme. Trolling is accepted and far more aggressive than what is typically seen on LJ, and -isms of all kinds are regularly employed by the users (try finding a serious poster on a LJ anonmeme joke about someone else's "faggotry"). Finally, because of the age and organization of the site, the boards and threads move extremely quickly - not always true of LJ anonmemes.

Most importantly, the site itself is constructed to delete old threads. 4chan has no long-term memory. LJ meme does. This leads to a larger catalogue of slang, in-jokes, and what is considered acceptable in-group behaviour.

I apologize for rambling at you, and hope that even a fraction of this is informative to you.

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