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Tuesdays feel so empty now that there's no new Pretty Little Liars to look forward to until, what, January maybe? I'm almost tempted to read the book series that it's based on, just to find out what happens next, but I think that would probably be a bad idea. Better plan: buy an external hard drive and start making my silly little vid for the show.

This would be a good time to catch up on TV that I'm behind on. My choices are: the second half of the most recent season of Damages, the second season of Sons of Anarchy, the third (and fourth?) season of Skins, and the third and fourth seasons of Friday Night Lights. My decision would be much easier if any of the above featured killer robots....

I can't decide if I like the new season of Jersey Shore. To be honest, the first season started losing me after the initial four episodes, but then the finale pulled me back in. I do still like the overall look of the show and the ridiculous opening credits.

I haven't come close to watching all the new vids from VividCon yet, but I have seen tons of excellent ones. Today's rec: [personal profile] luminosity 's gorgeous, haunting Last Year at Marienbad vid Caged Bird.

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What did you think of the finale reveal? Under-foreshadowed, I thought, but I'm willing to roll with it if all goes well.

What's your song for the vid?
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Not really, though super-dramatic would be good. Maybe Tori Amos, Cruel or Jackie's Strength.