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Hi, I'm looking for an apology that was when somebody was accused of plagiarizing some fics. I think the plagiarized fics were all from The Sentinel fandom, but the plagiarizer turned them into Sherlock Holmes with the names and some of the details changed. It wasn't that long ago, but I can't find the apology in my delicious bookmarks. Can anybody help? I remember that people said it was an okay apology, until somebody got mad in the comments about the OP using a sarcastic icon which made it a fauxpology.

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Are you sure it was Sherlock Holmes? There was recently an issue with Sentinel and Starsky & Hutch (also abbreviated SH), but I don't recall fauxpology accusations.
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oh. heh. i get it now. *facepalm*
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Is this the apology for plagiarizing the story where Watson/Blair turned into a soup can, or the one where Moriarty/Simon was a dolphin who gave Holmes/Jim non-con babyfisting?
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Silly rabbit, plagiarists don't apologize. They disappear, to plagiarize another day in another fandom.

Now, badmouthers and backstabbers, they apologize. And fauxpologize. And use sarcastic icons!
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Well, you'll need this one.
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Heh. I was actually reminded of your faux-reviews while I was reading about the whole storyfinders thing: yours was a way to mock the fandom gently, without singling out anyone or putting anyone to any trouble.
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I knoooow omg.
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See, I'm trying to find that AU where Rodney is a fisherman in Newfoundland and John is a giant lobster who senses Rodney's deep loneliness, so John visits the sunken city of Atlantis, where a kindly old toymaker Ancient turns him into a Real Boy, and then he washes up, half-drowned and completely nekkid, in Rodney's fishing net and is revived by the healing power of cock.

But after all this hullabaloo, I'm afraid someone would think I just made that up.
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I could never make up a story like that; you know I'm completely crap at plot.
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I think he has a post-traumatic thingy where he still wakes up in the middle of the night thinking he's a lobster. Which requires supplemental healing sex. And therapy appointments with Teyla, who is an LCSW in private practice who teaches krav in the evenings.
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