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crypto ([personal profile] crypto) wrote2010-07-27 11:21 pm

Halfway through tonight's Pretty Little Liars (no spoilers)

 You can tell that the writers enjoy working on this show. Sure, a lot of the dialogue is trite and clichéd, but they keep throwing in these clever, artful moments and you can almost feel the writerly hand behind them. And after tonight, I'm thinking that at least one of the writers is a fan of The Great Gatsby.

I just love this show!
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[personal profile] rivkat 2010-07-28 04:30 am (UTC)(link)
What was the scene that got to you? Please share!

One thing that teenager shows can do credibly for me is show the characters visibly reinventing themselves, and that was really on display tonight both in the flashbacks and the present-day stuff. Is the (upper middle class) American teenager inherently Gatsby?
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I didn't remember, but I definitely noticed the Gatsby quote, and given how many different kinds of liars we've seen on the show, a Gatsby fan is definitely indicated.

I now think Noel is the scariest person on the show, regardless of whether he's a killer; he's heading fast to sociopath territory.