Jul. 19th, 2010 (UTC)

  • 12:48 AM (UTC)
I like to call a spade a spade! Also, the anonymeme you're talking about has a thread somewhere in it lamenting how people aren't comfortable publicizing it. Fail_fandomanon (awkward name) is here.

(I was perturbed, when it first started, to find it aping W*ll Sh*tt*rly's icky language, but it's clear that a preponderance of the participants view him with contempt, and the name is an unfortunate -- and really, awkwardly-named -- coincidence.)

I first heard of permanons via friends who RP in anon LJ comms. To which I didn't really see the appeal, but then, I don't RP. It is certainly the cast that Wank_Report has become much more active and discussiony (okay, mostly flamey and lulzy) in the past year or two; it used to be much, much flatter. I don't think anonywank is the only reason F_W disallows anon comments -- spam is certainly a factor -- but it certainly cuts down on the likelihood of the wanked person charging in to explain her rightness. Unless she already has an account.

[personal profile] cofax7 likes to say that fandom routes around a choke point. The fail anon in particular is an obvious sign that conformity isn't working the way it usually does. (The same is also true of anon story-reviewing. Which, ask me some time about the X-Files history of anon reviews. Now that was a war.) Why not, and whether that can be remedied under out own names, is hard to say; I really don't care to imagine a future in which fannish interaction defaults to anonymity. I'm here for the people, you know? Not the aggregate people.

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