Jul. 18th, 2010 (UTC)

  • 9:50 PM (UTC)
I have browsed some of the latest because I saw it mentioned again and again, but I have the same problem with anon memes as with comment fic and kink memes, that they are tedious to browse, so unless someone links you to interesting bits you have expand comments, wait, expand another comment thread, wait, and so on and so forth, and I'm on broadband even and it still takes forever. Also more often than not there are no subject lines. So with the recent one I never even got around to seeing anything that would have justified all the interest on my f-list, because I was fed up with the navigation before I ever got anything that was truly different from non-anon comments. Also in the past when I have browsed around anon memes I was just frequently confused, because there were bits of personal gossip, and airing dirty laundry, which might have been interesting in a rubbernecking way, except I had never heard about any of the supposedly "BNFs" even though I was in the same fandom. I had that happen in HP and SPN anon memes, that I had no idea what past kerfuffle and conflict was being rehashed or who most of these people were. So when I do browse for longer to it's never even worth the tedium, because it's mostly about people I don't even know.

At least with kink memes usually someone ends up making a delicious account so that you can find what you want. I really hope for those that the recent DW suggestion about anon comm posts gets implemented and we could have anon posting and decent browsing and organization at the same time, with things easily tagged and fic not splitt into tiny gazillion parts.

As for posting anon, the same laziness hinders that. I can't be bothered to log out of my accounts just to rant in some comment.

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