Jul. 18th, 2010 (UTC)

  • 8:58 PM (UTC)
I find the way that people are talking about the latest anon meme very strange. Like everyone's talking around it, and is very quick to say "Oh, but don't read there, it's awful!" If it's awful why are you reading there? It's pretty easy to avoid. And if you keep feeling the temptation, Chrome Nanny or Leechblock on Firefox will help.

There is certainly something going on that so many people are on anon-memes of various sorts (lol_meme is what, 4 years old now and still going?), making locked communities to discuss things, and making a lot of locked-down posts. People are angry. And it's easy for people to dismiss that anger as all "oh, the fragile flowers in fandom who can't stand having their privileged checked!" And while that is some of it, that is not all of it. There's a lot of discussion and thrashing out of ideas and just talking about why some things are "okay" and some things are not. And sometimes we don't want to have these conversations attached to our names because it's still okay in fandom to sniff and go "Oh, so_and_so. Wasn't she the one who, five years ago, said X?" Because we all know that no one changes their minds, no one develops new ideas, and no one learns anything ever. We're all static and never changing.

If I want to say "I think it's really shitty the way a bunch of people are jumping down This Person's throat for fucking up and not giving her any time to breath and respond", I have to really ask who I know is going to agree, who is going to loathe me for that, and who is going to attack me for it. If I say the same thing on an anonymeme, I can get a testing of exactly how bad what I've said is - or if it's bad at all - and still discuss the matter without needing to wonder who's going to attack me for it.

There's no nuance anymore in these discussions. And I really hate that. At least anonymously I can discuss things and work out my issues. All I want to talk about on my LJ anymore is my favorite color and the weather, because they seem the safest topics.

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